RUMS Executive

The RUMS Executive Committee


Kiran Dhanjal

Medical, Pharmacy & Health Students’ Officer (MPHSO) – Kiran Dhanjal  

   Dear Freshers,

You are now not only part of a prestigious medical institution with global recognition and commitment to excellence, but also part of a diverse and exciting community of brilliant students. UCL provides you with the best quality of medical education as well as support to make the most of your time here and make lifelong friends and memories.

The RUMS executive is a student elective who represents the students and voices their concerns, ensuring you have a smooth university life.

I look forward to meeting you all and seeing you get involved, maximising your time at UCL.


 Interim President – Alex Fleming-Nouri     

As I’m sure you’re all aware, RUMS is a historic medical school with a great reputation, and it produces great doctors. But equally importantly, it is a fantastic environment to spend six years of your life, and our aim is to ensure that everybody here has a fantastic time. The RUMS team have put together an excellent programme of events for Welcome Fortnight, and we look forward to meeting all of the Freshers!



Vice President Sports & Societies – Alex Maidwell-Smith     

RUMS is the medical student body that you will be part of for the next six years. With over 650 active members, the sports clubs and societies are its lifeblood. From a comedy revue to rugby to squash; there is something for everyone – you would be mad to miss out!

RUMS Sport is thriving with teams competing across the South of England at very high levels. Importantly, RUMS teams frequently outperform their UCLU counterparts – much to their embarrassment! But RUMS Sport is about so much more than competing at a high level. We actively encourage new members who want to try out a sport for the first time. Furthermore, the RUMS Sport socials are legendary – sports night will quickly become the highlight of your week!

Those of you performing at high levels in sport, music and drama may be interested in applying for the RUMS Sports and Societies Scholarship, a substantial financial award donated by the consultants’ commit- tee at the Royal Free Hospital. Details about how to apply will be released soon!
Keep up to date with all RUMS Sports and Societies news by following @RUMSsport on Twitter or by joining ‘RUMS Sport’ on Facebook. Alternatively, if you have any questions please email me at


Vice-President Events – Katie Chapple     

It is now my job to make sure that you learn not only how to solve the world’s problems in a ten-minute GP appointment, but also to have some fun. There are a wide variety of events scheduled throughout the year that everyone can get involved with, no matter what you enjoy. They are the perfect excuse to dress up, let off some steam and get away from the library. But for the moment, get excited for Welcome Fortnight and all the friends and memories you will make (or not…) as we set you up for the best six years of your life.


Vice President Welfare – Becki Clarke     

Hi, I’m Rebecca, I’m your welfare representative for this year and will be here to deal with any issues that may arise where students need representing to the university. Along with my welfare team, we will also be putting on events through the year to help make university life as simple as possible.


Vice-President Operations & Finance – Stef Koutsouris     

This year I will be working alongside the President and the rest of the team to keep RUMS moving forward. As Vice President of Operations and Finance, I will be collaborating with Katie and Alex to help plan traditional RUMS events that will make Freshers’ first year one to remember! Also, I will be monitoring RUMS finances to ensure that any events we run are as affordable as possible.  As a team, we are all very keen to increase Freshers’ participation within RUMS and we also welcome you all to get in touch with us if you have any issues or concerns. RUMS is your union and we hope that by gauging your opinions we can help further develop RUMS – so feel free to contact us! I am certain that you will have an incredible time at UCL. All of us on the committee hope that every Fresher has a (un)forgettable Welcome Fortnight.

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