RUMS Executive

MPHSO Medical, Pharmacy & Health Students’ Officer (MPHSO) – Tracy Herman


Congratulations on making the first (and best) step towards your medical career. You have chosen one of the finest institutions in the world to attend for university and medicine.

To get you into the swing of things, we have set up a great Welcome Fortnight for you so that you feel right at home with your fellow medics. There will always be people there to help you. ‘Mums and Dads’ is a special event created to provide you with
a second year medic to show you the workings of RUMS and London life. We have several parties in store exclusively for you, including the ever-popular boat party, followed by the memorable pub crawl in the heart of Hampstead. Hopefully, this will give you a chance to make friends with people you will know for the rest of your medical career.

The RUMS executive, are here to make your time at university as comfortable and as exciting as it can be, whilst also accommodating your academic needs. We voice your ideas and concerns: After all, this is your university experience!

Apart from that, enjoy your time here and look forward to a year to remember!

Senior President – Swathi RajagopalRUMS Senior President

Welcome to RUMS! Along with being a part of UCL, you are part of one of the country’s greatest medical school

s and all that comes with it, the sports, societies and events. Representing your voice throughout those 6 years are the RUMS executive, a team of students just like you, so let us know your opinions and we’ll ensure they’re heard and bring in the changes YOU want. To make your experience as memorable and incredible as possible, we’re kicking off with a fabulous freshers fortnight – get involved! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Vice President – Will Southall

Hi Freshers! Firstly, I’d like to say a massive welcome to RUMS and well done on joining such a great Medical School. As Vice President, I will be working alongside the President and the rest of the team to ensure the smooth running of your first year at RUMS. I will also be striving to keep the Union moving forward from strength to strength.
I’m certain you will absolutely love your time here; if you do have any problems or concerns, however, please feel free to get in touch with me! I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the ‘Freshers’ Fortnight’ in September.

Vice President for Welfare – Layth Hanbali

Welcome to RUMS, your home for the foreseeable future! It is most likely that you will have an amazing time at university, but it’s natural to sometimes feel a lot of pressure, and I will be spending the year trying to make it as smooth as possible for you.

Throughout the year, there will be seminars to address a whole host of issues, including housing, finance, formative exam results (mock exams essentially), exam stress and summative exam results (THE exams) so keep an eye on the RUMS Bulletin in your inbox and the RUMS Facebook group. We will tackle taboos and get talking about the elephant in the room, bringing back Taboo Week. We will also engage with UCL Union’s Save the Health Centre campaign, which is trying to save the doctors’ practice on campus (Gower Place Practice, just round the corner from Huntley – make sure you’re registered there!

Vice-President for Events – Tom Hughes

Perhaps the best way to have a memorable time at university is to get involved. Fortunately, as a UCL medical student, you have access to probably the best community at UCL – RUMS. Every year we aim to put on bigger and better events
to show how strong a community we are, and this year promises to be no different. Hopefully, looking through this handbook, you’ll already have a taste of things to come and we look forward to welcoming you all in ‘appropriate style’ this September!

Vice-President for Sports and Societies – Jake Wilson

Firstly, congratulations on securing a place and choosing to study at one of the world’s best medical schools! By being a medical student, not only are you part of UCL, you’re also privileged enough to be a member RUMS.

RUMS is the medical students community which you will be apart of for the next
6 years. As a medic, you have a very different life compared to your non-medic counterparts- your hours may be erratic and your teaching is spread around different parts of London. The sports and societies at RUMS are designed so you can take full advantage of them and not miss out due to your unique commitments.

You’ll find that many of the sports and societies offered at UCLU have a parallel in RUMS. You’d think that because the medics have fewer individuals, the standard would be lower- however you’d be very wrong! RUMS teams frequently compete against UCL teams and often come out on top- some are even in higher leagues than their respective team. But it’s not just about competing at a high level- whatever your standard, even if you just want to try something new for fun, there’s a team that will be able to accommodate you.

Of course it’s not all about competing, throughout the year there’s numerous social events, tours and of course the best night of the week- sports night.

It’s no lie that medicine requires hard work and determination and, from experience, there’s no better way to have some down time, socialise and most importantly- have fun. My university experience has been shaped by my involvement in sports and societies and I would strongly encourage you to get involved too.

Vice-President for Education (Phase 1) – Ravi Mistry

Hey everyone!
Welcome to UCL and of course to RUMS! You’ll be around for a while so if there are any issues regarding your learning or experiences of UCL be sure to let me know and I’ll get it sorted for you! I represent all the preclinical students, basically years 1 and 2, and together my team of reps and I get your voices heard! University study is a huge leap from school, there is a lot of new i formation to absorb and you’ll have to adapt the way you learn for most of it – but I’m here to make sure that the change is as smooth and easy as possible. So let me know if you need any help, or get in touch with one of my reps who will introduce themselves at the start of every module and are also listed on the moodle pages. I wish you the best of luck!

Vice-President for Education (Phase 2/3) – Katherine Belessiotis

Hi guys, welcome (back) to UCLMS! I am basically in charge of any educational issues relating to Years 4, 5 &6, i.e. the clinical study years. Starting clinics can be really stressful, especially as the structure of the senior years is very different to pre-clinicals. However, myself and my team of Student Representatives are working hard to optimise as many problems as we can tackle this year, by attending loads of meetings and raising all the things you’ve passed onto us, with the Medical School staff.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of your Reps (see Moodle Module Homepages for their names and contact details) if you have any concerns!