RUMS Exec Nominees 2014/15

RUMS Exec Nominees 2014/15


Role: RUMS VP Events

Name: Katie Chapplekatie

I would like the role of Events VP because I would like to make sure that there is a wide range of events for people to enjoy so that they remember their time at UCL not for the exams they took but the memories they shared. I would also relish the opportunity to play a larger part in RUMS and the decision making involved so that I can give back to something I really love. I want to give RUMS a more diverse range of events so that everyone can get involved in something they enjoy and also have the option of a few cheaper and smaller events so that those constrained by money don’t have to miss out. I’d like to work on this especially in regards to fresher’s week and make sure that the events are affordable for all, so that freshers can begin their university life without worrying about financial issues from the start. As RUMS is such a huge body of students, it would also be great to work on having a couple of events in aid of various charities so that we can really make a difference. For this aim, I would be particularly interested in working on the idea currently being proposed of having a ‘RUMS’ Got Talent’ in the first term. This year I have been a captain for RUMSWHC and so I have gained experience in liaising with various clubs around London to organise matches. Through this, I have developed strong communication skills that would be very important when it comes to negotiating prices and venues for events and also working with the union to organise publicity and other necessary paperwork.


Role: RUMS VP Operations and Finance

Name: Emily Croftemily

I would like the role of Operations and Finance VP because I am a committed member of RUMS, would like to be involved in the committee and this is a role I feel I could do well. I am organized, committed and have displayed this through being an extremely dedicated member of RUMS Hockey for the past two years. I get involved in all aspects of the club and I would love to display the same dedication to a position in the exec.

At school I was involved in the finances for my Leavers Ball where I learnt about money distribution for a large-scale event and discovered the value of negotiation and therefore I have gained the competence necessary for budgeting events. As well as this, I was employed by a small business this summer to create spreadsheets for finance organization, I could use the skills learnt through this to keep track of RUMS’ funds and monitor spending.

If I got this role, I would work with the Events VP to ensure that budgeting means event prices are low, particularly for fresher’s week, as after speaking to some of the first years this is something they wish to be improved. I think advertising events is important, especially in fresher’s week, to avoid confusion with UCL events. I would advertise early and use reps within the years to further this. Another subject I would address is looking into further sponsorship, particularly in view of the RUMS sports stash, as after speaking to many students they wish to own this but feel it is too expensive.

Name: Stefanos Koutsourisstephanos

Representing my peers as VP, I would strive to ensure that RUMS values and traditions are upheld, whilst reflecting the current student body’s needs and interests. In collaboration with the other committee members, I endeavour to encourage the involvement of all medical students in the development of RUMS, and welcome this opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes that govern its running.

With my Fresher’s fortnight only two years ago, I remember the importance of the fortnight’s events, which firmly introduced me to, and were wholeheartedly unique to RUMS. By dedicating myself to this role, I believe I can contribute to organising events that will aid the next cohort’s transition to university life. This is something I have practiced as a fresher’s ‘transition mentor’ – a highly rewarding role, which has encouraged me to run for this position.

Having banking experience in financial management, I am conscious of the importance of thorough financial planning and monitoring, which is something this role demands. Also, as publicity officer of UCLUHRS, I am very comfortable with planning, publicising and receiving feedback on events, which I have managed to secure sponsorship for. Such tasks demand ample amounts of organisation and team discussion, and are features of this role that I will relish in.

I accept that this post will be demanding, however I believe that the rewards will outstrip the challenges and will allow me to reflect on my third year in RUMS as one that had a truly positive impact. With my previous experience and eagerness to work hard, I am confident that I will excel in this role!

More than anything, I welcome this opportunity to further my understanding of the running and development of RUMS, and to work alongside likeminded individuals with a true dedication to all things RUMS!


Role: RUMS VP Sports and Societies

Name: Alex Maidwell-Smithalexalex

RUMS, without our sports clubs and societies, would not be RUMS. For many of us the RUMS club or society that we belong to is a huge part of our medical school lives. BUCS Wednesdays, MD’s show, Sportsnight, Bill Smith’s; where would we be without them? The dedication of countless individuals to their respective club or society has allowed RUMS to thrive. Memberships are growing, success is more forthcoming and larger numbers of people are playing sport for the first time. To continue to thrive, it is paramount that our sports clubs and societies get the support that they deserve. I will work tirelessly with the new RUMS President to ensure that this support is provided.

I am well placed to be the person to do this having been a committed and impassioned member of RUMS Men’s Hockey across the last three years and, as the current treasurer of the men’s hockey club, I appreciate the common problems that our clubs and societies face.

I will:

  • Uncompromisingly defend the autonomy of RUMS Sports Clubs and Societies.
  • Build the profile of RUMS Sports and Societies.
  • Engage with all sports clubs and societies to fully understand their needs
  • Ensure Sports Ball 2015 is organised prior to finalists leaving for electives.
  • Expand Varsity
  • Encourage more funding for improved facilities.
  • Promote volunteering throughout RUMS sports clubs and societies.


  • Gareth Chan – RUMS President (2011-13)
  • Jack Marjot – RUMS Sports & Societies Vice President (2012-13)
  • Will Southall – RUMS Vice President (2013-14)
  • Anya Borissova – RUMS Women’s Hockey, President / Sports & Societies VP (2011-12)
  • Chris To – RUMS Men’s Hockey, President
  • Helena Waggett – RUMS Netball, President
  • Tom Ngan – RUMS Badminton, President
  • Andy Webb – RUMS Men’s Football, President (2014-15)


Role: RUMS VP Welfare

Name: Becki Clarkebecki

I would like the role of Welfare VP because I would like to make life at medical school as easy as possible and provide a strong support network for anyone needing help. Having not had the smoothest transition into university life, I know the importance of having someone you can rely on to be there when you need them. I want to make the Welfare team have a greater presence within the medical school so that everyone will know who we are and where to find us. Having worked on the welfare team this year, helping at the ‘Mums and Dads’ events for the freshers and also the post-formative talk, I have been strongly involved and know how these events can be improved in the coming year. I have also had a role as captain in RUMSWFC and during this role I have made a big effort to not only include the freshers into the club but also to provide support to their learning and overall settling in to university. Another role I have had this year is the publicity officer for the paediatric division of the medical society and I have therefore had experience in creating and publicizing events to ensure maximum exposure of the events. If I were to get the role of Welfare VP one of the main things I would be keen on is completing the implementation of the regular welfare drop-in sessions, as I feel this could be hugely valuable for many people who feel they have no where else to turn. In summary, I believe I have a good blend of experience and compassion to enable me to make a positive difference to the well-being of fellow students as RUMS Vice President of Welfare.

Name: Inayah Zaheeninayah

I would like to run for the position of RUMS Welfare because I think I have a lot to offer the role, and the role has a lot to offer me. I want to campaign for greater psychological support especially for medical students given that we face a whole range of different welfare and psychological issues to non-medics. I also want to continue the fantastic work that the various RUMS Welfare VP have been doing in the past few years – including taboo week. I think the UCLU volunteering services unit needs a medics-specific unit, so that we can access volunteering schemes which are relevant to medicine. I think this would also work great if incorporated with a Random acts of Kindness week. I also want to initiate an alternative Freshers week alongside the existing Freshers’ events particularly to involve a greater variety of students, particularly those who don’t want to drink alcohol. In my role as Communjty relations officer for UCLU this year, I’ve been working to increase interfaith activity on campus and this is something I think RUMS can also benefit from. Finally, I think welfare is not only about listening to your views and concerns, but also about taking steps to incorporate your ideas in making this coming year the best year ever for RUMS exec. So please vote for me for your VP of RUMS welfare :)


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